The Grasse River Railroad

Connection: Mohawk & Malone



The Grasse River Railroad was a small lumber railroad that operated in the Adirondacks from 1915 to 1957. It was created for Adirondack logging by the Emporium Lumber Company, but it also provided passenger service from The New York Central to the Conifer Inn in Conifer, New York. The Grasse River Railroad interchanged with the New York Central's Mohawk and Malone at Childwold, New York.


Coutesy of Kodtrak Kountry

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Photographs Courtesy Of The Collection Of John Stewart and Rich Cizik


In And Around The Grasse River Railroad

All Photos: John Stewart Collection

Cranberry Lake Lumber Company

Dragging out a big load of logs in 1912

The Mill at Conifer

The Right-Of-Way at Conifer, New York

Grasse River Railroad yard at Conifer, NY 6/12/1952

Gasoline loader at Conifer, NY 6/12/1952

Dismantled steam locomotives at Conifer, NY 6/12/1952

two steam loaders at Conifer, NY 6/12/1952

Grasse River Motive Power And Equipment

All Photos: John Stewart Collection, unless otherwise noted

GE 45 ton Number 1, at Conifer, NY July 1955. Number 1 later went to the East Branch and Lincoln replaced a Shay and two saddletankers.

Saddle Tank locomotive & log train at Conifer, NY July 1955

Here's Number 43 steaming along the line. (Rich Cizik Collection)

Gas Electric Locomotive at Childwold, NY July 1955

2-6-0 Number 60, at Conifer, NY July 25, 1935

Here is Buick Motor car Number 11, at Childwold, NY 8/20/1940.  Speeder No. 11 was put to the torch in 1967 while at the Rail City Museum.

(Info: Rail City Museum)

Another shot of Buick Moter Car 11

The Rolliam at Conifer, NY. The Rolliam was actually a powered vehicle built with an automobile engine.

(Info: Rail City Museum)

2-6-0 Number 62, at Conifer, NY July 27, 1935

Shay Number 51, at Cranberry Lake, NY July 27, 1935

Snow Plow at Conifer, NY July 1955


Combine at Childwold, NY July 1955

Caboose Number 71 and The Rolliam at Conifer, NY July 1955. Caboose 71 was known as "Perry's Pride."

(Info: Rail City Museum)

Motor car Number 12, at Conifer, NY 8/20/1940.  This car now resides on the Strasburg RR in Pennsylvania.

GRR loader and caboose at Conifer, NY 6/12/1952

Combine Number 71, Conifer NY Sept. 9 ,1938