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Catskill Traction Co.






The Catskill Electric Railway Co. started operating on December 14, 1900.
The line went from Catskill Point to Jefferson for a distance of 2 miles.  It was later extended  to
Leeds  in 1904, making the line 2.5 miles long.  A connection to Catskill's West Shore Railroad Station was also
made.  In 1910 a reorganized company was formed known as the Catskill Traction Co.
There was a short period of prosperity but around 1914 the line's popularity dropped off.  The War in Europe was the biggest factor.  The Company stopped running in the Summer of 1917 and filed it's last report on October 31st.


Map showing the Carbarn of the Railway Company and location of the iron bridge which still remains...

first run

First Run On The Catskill Electric in 1900.

Another shot of the Number 3.  Must be a former horse car converted to electricity.

Another early photo, this time it's trolley 24

A young lady and a conductor pose on the hottest form of transportation in 1900.  An open-air trolley car! (Richard Makse Collection)


No. 21 in 1910.  Everyone had a tie on back then!  (J. A. Smith/K. Bradford Collection)

Catskill Trolley Bridge In Leeds, NY.  This was the end of the line.  This bridge survives and still carries traffic...


Same location as above, slightly different view...


Heading To The Point


Meeting Steamships At The Hudson River

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